Amber-Leigh Blake


n. recollection, especially of a supposed previous existence.


Liminal VR




Narrative Designer

Voice Actor / Director

Story Boarder


December 2019 – March 2020


Video Game


Anamnesis is a slice-of-life walking simulator that takes the player on a journey of rediscovering memories from their life through the senses. Made by UEL students.

For this project, I was the Narrative Designer tasked with designing the story and storyboards, writing screenplays and scripts, and plotting out character interactions, and directing and voicing lines for the game. Most of these were new to me, so I had to do research to complete these tasks. I learned how to format and write a screenplay, and how to preserve one’s voice while recording for extended periods of time.

I go into more detail about the story in the video, skip to 2:50 to hear my thought process.

Screenplay, pg 10

Screenplay for the Beach scene, where the player and their wife, Raja, interact.

Screenplay, pg 11

Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a digital artist currently residing in the city of Los Angeles, CA where he dreams of vast 3D worlds and mind bending characters.