Amber-Leigh Blake

Pollen Rush

Global Game Jam 2020




Level Designer

UI Designer


Febuary 2020


Oh no, the flowers around the neighborhood are dying! Help our friend Bea, the bee, repair all the flowers before time runs out. This was made for the Global Game Jam 2020 with the theme 'repair’, we’re repairing the environment in our game.

This was a 2020 Global Game Jam entry, hosted by the University of East London. The theme was repair, and my team and I decided to have a bee repair dying flowers. I was in charge of level design and UI design. For the level design, I laid out the majority of the level and picked out all the assets. Post-processing was also used in the development of this level. For the UI, I coded all the interactions between button pressed and scene switches, while working with Kelly, the artist, on design choices.